001 ESTTUFACIL that we should learn 001 the Letters

Through the letters we communicate, the letters define a written language, the letters form the words; which, serve us to name everything that surrounds us

What really exists are words and by joining a set of words, we form expressions that convey a specific meaning

A word is made up of vowels and consonants

The vowels are: A – E – I – O – U

The consonants are: B – C – D – F – G – H – J – K – L – M – N – P – Q – R – S – T – V -W – X – Y – Z

26 letters define the entire English language

A letter is defined by a shape and a sound; through the form, a written language is defined and through the sound associated with each letter, an auditory communication is defined

In general, the first thing we learn is to communicate auditorily; then, we learn to communicate in writing, using the letters

A word is formed by combining vowels and consonants, the vowels determine the leading part of the word and the consonants define the meaning or intention of the word

By joining a consonant with a vowel we form a specific sound, a word is made up of one or more sounds; it is important to note that, a vowel has a specific sound defined

We are going to concentrate on the sounds made by vowels and the sounds made by a combination of two; that is, between a consonant and a vowel