music as musical art by Pier Artizzate

Music at its highest level of musical development is considered as musical art

12 musical notes and artistic musical silence, form the whole musical art

Nowadays, we must understand music no longer only as musical scores and musical figures; we must relate it, to all technological advances

The technological advance allows us to know if the musical note is in perfect universal tuning

In addition, the technological advance allows us to establish in digital format the exact speed of the metronome to establish the exact time of duration, for each musical figure used

For a long time it was unthinkable that technological advances would help us to specify with such a degree of accuracy, the exact tuning of each interpreted musical note; as well as, the exact metronome time for each part of the musical score

The foregoing leads us to conclude that today enjoying music at its highest level of development is a reality

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Today, technology allows us very easily to know from our mobile device, the degree of tuning of any musical note

It is very important to know at all times the musical note that is being interpreted

the letter-number universal tuning nomenclature allows you to know the musical note you are playing, regardless of the musical instrument played

music as musical art, is made up of 12 musical notes

C – C# – D – D# – E – F – F# – G – G# – A – A# – B

It is important to specify that artistic musical silence is one more silent musical note; since, all artistic musical silence is part of musical creation β—‡

each musical note can generate 8 audible artistic musical sub-notes; from a very low musical sub-note, to a very high musical sub-note

C1 – C2 – C3 – C4 – C5 – C6 – C7 – C8

In the case of the piano, it can generate up to 88 artistic musical sub-notes, from A0 to C8

the piano is the instrument that is taken as a base to define the universal tuning nomenclature; for this reason, an A0 is defined as one sub-note lower than a C1

The most important thing in a musical sub-note is that it has a specific frequency of musical oscillation; in other words, an artistic musical sub-note is unique, regardless of the musical instrument where it is being generated; when we buy a flute, it comes pre-tuned following the universal musical tuning nomenclature

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Special Video

Vertical Flute (flauta vertical)

Metronome 44 learning velocity (aprendizaje = 44)

Metronome 68 artistic velocity (ArtΓ­stico = 68)

Great sages; that is, people of great understanding in the sciences; as well as a great understanding of the relationship between the universe, the stars in the firmament and human beings; they saw in the sky, a special light of a singular brilliance; which, they understood that it announced a very special event, of great importance; there was to be born, someone very special among all men, someone of true royal lineage; but much superior, to all the men of authentic royal lineage that have existed and that are to exist; that is, the wise men understood that he was more than a king over men; for this reason, the wise men came to the conclusion that a Heavenly King was about to be born

Seeing the magnitude of the event to take place and feeling great joy for being a generational part of such a great event, the wise men decide to go and congratulate him, taking the light in the sky as a guide; which, would take them to the place where the birth would be; in addition, they would bring him special gifts such as gold, for being the most valuable; as well as, incense for being the most special aromatic and they also decide to bring myrrh, for being a special anointed

Following the light in the sky they arrive at the expected place; and indeed, they find the newborn child; verifying thus, what is described by the stars in the firmament; very excited to be in front of someone so special, they proceed to deliver the gifts; bringing back, a great joy in the heart, of having witnessed among all human births, present, past and future, the most special birth

music as art must be defined as musical notes interpreted in perfect universal tuning; as well as, in perfect musical quadrature with respect to its duration musical artistic

Today, technological advances allow us to easily measure with great accuracy the degree of tuning of each musical note; from your mobile device, you can install a universal musical tuner for free and thus be able to establish if the musical note played corresponds to the universal musical tuning

In addition, technological advances allow us to have a universal musical metronome very easily from your mobile device in your application manager, you can find a wide variety of free applications of a universal music metronome

It is important to keep in mind that when we start in the musical world, our auditory system does not have the necessary degree of musical development; for this reason, our auditory system cannot distinguish the degree of musical tuning of a musical note; as well as, it cannot distinguish the artistic musical quadrature, with respect to the precise musical duration time, that each musical note interpreted must have