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September 2023

Welcome we are presenting our exclusive support in Rational Analytical Development, hoping you can make all our free publications to the fulle and the maximum benefit

The human being is formed by a tangible bodily part, as well as a not tangible emotional part and also a spiritual part not tangible

In order to enjoy life in all its fullness, it is necessary that we manage to have a life development that allows us to reach high degrees of development in our bodily part, as well as in our emotional part and also in our spiritual part

We will concentrate on how to facilitate rational body development

It is important to separate the body from the mind, since body development implies having a high degree of development of our physical strength and also achieving a high degree of rational development

Our goal is to help you facilitate rational development to the highest level of development that is analytical rational development

We all enter the first level of rational development which occurs when we learn to generally memorize the first words we memorize are dad and mom, in the second level of rational development is when we discover in our minds the ability to think for example when we think what gifts are we going to receive at our birthday

Thinking is having the power to imagine many things and life situations, the third level occurs when we learn to reason, the fourth level is to learn logically reasoning and the five level is to reach the ability to reason analytically

developing our analytical rational capacity is the fundamental thing to achieve the faculty of being able to conceptualize, when we conceptualize we reach the development of our rational physical body part

To develop the rational physical part is to have the ability to conceptualize

we are inviting you to explore together the easiest way to conceptualize

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Welcome to E esttufacil E where we are going to explore and have the opportunity to approach the analytical rational body development

The first thing we must understand is that the human being unlike all other existential beings, is empowered by three fundamental parts

The human body part

The human emotional part

The human spiritual part

As part of a life process to reach the highest levels of development that a human being can reach, it is necessary to develop the necessary faculties and achieve a high degree of development both in the body part, as well as in the emotional part and especially in the spiritual part

Here in E esttufacil E we are going to concentrate on exploring rational analytical body development

To understand in a better way the human body part, we must divide it into two, the non -rational human body part and the rational human body part

All physical body part refers to developing our physical potential, for example a high -performance athlete

The rational body part is to develop our mind, until reaching the analytical capacity