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May 2023

the professional level and the academic world

The professional labor level is achieved when someone is able to do a job in a satisfactory way and receives an economic remuneration for successful labor work contributed

The most successful professional will always be the one who managed to develop the professional level at a superlative level; which is reflected by the level of quality of the professional work carried out and the satisfaction of the contractor

Developing a professional level of work to a superlative degree implies a great work experience and above all get to have a great preparation and academic understanding

A society of great development and prosperity, will always be the one that counts in its productive economic sector with the highest level of development in their different professional disciplines

The labor professional who has the highest degree of development will be the one who managed to have the greatest academic support and understanding regarding what the professional does

Every high degree of professional development will be related to the academic world; since, only the authentic analytical understanding of the entire conceptual part that is related to a specific discipline, will be the engine that promotes a high degree of professional work development

When we prepare academically, we must be focused on conceptual analytical development, as the main objective of all academic preparation

To have a high degree of conceptual understanding, is to have a high degree of rational analytical development, only rational analytical development allows to develop the ability to assimilate the academic conceptual part basic and complex

Getting to have the ability to understand the complex conceptual is to open the door leads us to the authentic professional successes

To obtain large levels of development, it is not possible to separate

the professional level and the academic world

It is not possible to separate the professional work level from the academic world, since it is necessary to have the highest academic support and thus have the highest professional work level

May 2023

The professional level and the economic world

It is important to have a clear understanding of what we call a professional work level, as well as what we call the economic world

There are four professional labor levels; which, empowers a person to receive economic remuneration, in exchange for providing a labor service

The first professional labor level is the professional technical level of work, at this professional level all those who belong to the economic world are located providing a technical service, a professional work technician can be from the one who performs a cleaning activity, to that that drives a spacecraft

The second professional labor level is the level of professional labor management, at this level all those people who developed the ability to do professional management are that they have the ability to plan, organize human and non -human organizational resources and develop management of direction until reaching the objectives set

In the third professional level are organizational management specialists, someone highly specialized in a specific economic action area

The highest professional labor level that can be achieved is level four, where scientists in organizational management belong or someone who has the ability to create something new for the benefit of the entire economic sector to which it belongs

The economic world is formed by all active work professionals who receive economic remuneration

Societies with the highest degree of sustainable economic development have the most qualified professionals

The great importance of have the higest level of económico development, is importante considerer

The professional level and the economic world

It is not possible to separate the professional labor level from the economic world, since the economic world is made up of the group of professionals and it is necessary to have the highest degree of professional qualification

June 2023

the professional level and the human person

Only the human person can reach a professional work level since every machine for a very high technology that we have, we talk about robotics, artificial intelligence and all types of high technology of humanoids, do not have the capacity for analytic conceptual development

Reach a high level of rational analytical development only the human mind can achieve it, the ability to conceptualize only the human mind can achieve it

When we develop a professional work activity, we must integrate a series of analytical concepts, as well as relate them to the real work situation and it is very common that we have to solve many more problems so that in the end a successful work is presented and with a level of high development professional

When a high -tech machine develops a work activity, it is very conditioned in its field of action, it is very unlikely that work activities where automated machines intervene can have development in quality, efficiency and efficacy, since they depend on the degree of quality, efficiency and efficacy effectiveness of the group of people who designed them

Responsibility, ethics, morals, are qualities that only human beings can develop and is the most important thing to reach the highest levels of work professional development

To what degree of human professional level can be achieved, it will always be something unimaginable

Achieving a high degree of professional labor development requires extensive experience and a high degree of human qualities and abilities, which establishes the relationship between

the professional level and the human person

It is not possible to separate the professional labor level from the human person, since only human persons can have a professional qualification development and reach the highest levels for the benefit of sustainable and authentic economic development.